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About Pi Epsilon Chapter


Chartered: May 3, 1947
Charter Members: Leanard Cisco, James Coker, Sheldon Cole, Herman Dennis, Charles Fullwood, Joseph Jones, Rayford Kiah, James Lockerman, John McDowell*, Fred Mosley, Russell Stansbury, Charles Stewart*, Edward Waters,  and Hoover Wright.

School:  University of  Maryland Eastern Shore (Formerly Maryland State College)
City/State:  Princess Anne, MD
District: 2nd
Motto: "What is Hard to Endure Is Sweet to Recall"
Nickname: Beast of the East (B.O.E.)

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Home of the Mighty Pi Epsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Chapter History:  


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity implements its international programs of serivce on the local level through a network of over 900 chapters organized into 11 districts.  On Saturday, May 3, 1947, The Pi Epsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated was chartered at the  University of Maryland Eastern Shore  (formerly Maryland State College) starting a rich tradition of Scholarship, Service, and Uplift as part of the second district. 

The chapter quickly became known for hosting its annual talent hunt as early as 1951. That year trophies were distributed and a raffle held for a Majestic radio. The chapter’s 1952 Achievement Week featured prominent guest speakers, including journalist P. B. Young as well as radio broadcasts. Also in the 1950's, the Omega Men rushed to the aid of  a local public school in Princess Anne to help with a survey for a new drainage project, saving the community $500.

Pi Epsilon Chapter Charter Line,  Spring 1947

Omega Psi Phi, Pi Epsilon chapter at UMES has hosted numerous functions over the years, including a Big Brother’s Day full of activities for the community’s youth. Fundraising focused on the United Negro College Fund and doing community service in Salisbury. Holding seminars on alcohol awareness, women’s health, and cooking, participating in community service, a partnership with the Big Brother organization, and ushering for the UMES Dinner Theater.

Since our inspirational beginning, the chapter has and continues to fulfill its commitment to serve. Over the years, the chapter has shed countless hours of time, patience, love and affection to those in need. Feeding the hungry and providing clothes through various drives, and mentoring youth at local schools are just a few of the many programs of service that the chapter has become well known for providing.  Members of the chapter make visits to local nursing facilities, host parties and provide educational workshop sessions for students. 

Through the years, Pi Epsilon has forged strong relationships with their community organizations such as the Maryland State Highway program Adopt-A-Highway. We have worked with local chuches such as Metropolitan United Methodist Church in feeding the elderly.  As a member of the UMES Pan-Hellenic Council, Pi Epsilon partners with other Greek-letter organizations for community service intitiatives. 

As in the past, the Pi Epsilon chapter fully embraces the international programs. Our people are starving for true leadership; from every village to every metropolitan locale. Pi Epsilon will remain the beacon of hope, the lamp of intellect, and the guiding force that leads our people to a better way of living.  We will continue to participate in civic projects, hold blood drives where the needs exists; sponsor diabetes awareness campaigns; mentor youth and inspire teens to become productive citizens; generate scholarship dollars that will facilitate college-bound students to realize their dreams; and a pledge to bring home one of our most valued resources--our brothers who want to reconnect with Omega.


Every five to ten years, through our anniversary celebrations, we the brothers of the Pi Epsilon chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.  give homage and express our appreciation to the following  charter members who were the bridge builders for the many generations to come: Leanard Cisco*, James Coker*, Sheldon Cole*, Herman Dennis*, Charles Fullwood*, Joseph Jones*, Rayford Kiah*, James Lockerman*, John McDowell*, Fred Mosley*, Russell Stansbury, Charles Stewart*, Edward Waters*,  and Hoover Wright*.

With our chapter motto being, "What is hard to endure os sweet to recall.", the Pi Epsilon chapter is pleased to have served the needs of our community for over 70 years and look forward to many more! 

*Omega Chapter

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