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Pi Epsilon Chapter During...

The 1960s

Fraternity Milestones

  • The struggle for social justice shifted into high gear. Brothers were active participants in the “sit-ins” and other civil rights demonstrations. Moreover, undergraduate brothers especially were involved in the demonstrative aspect of the civil rights struggle.

  • In 1961, the Washington, D.C. Grand Conclave highlighted Omega’s first 50 years of accomplishments. Founders — Love, Cooper, and Coleman were present. Thirteen of 23 former Grand Basilei also attended this historic gathering.

  • It was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for young brothers to mingle with some of the greatest black men that America had produced.

  • The Golden Anniversary Conclave authorized a $150,000 investment towards the construction of a new national headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

  • In 1964, the new national headquarters was dedicated. It was a dream come true and was the first building of its type to be built by a black fraternity.

  • Founders — Love, Cooper and Coleman participated in the ceremonies. The name was later changed to the International Headquarters and was located at 2714 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.

  • Founder Frank Coleman entered Omega Chapter in 1967.

  • The Charlotte Grand Conclave in 1968 mandated a constitutional convention for the revision of the Fraternity’s constitution and by-laws as well as the Ritual. That convention was held in Atlanta in 1969.

Pi Epsilon Chapter Lines, 1960s

 FALL 1960 

  • Theodore Green

 SPRING 1961  

  • Melvin Brooks

  • James E. Phipps

 SPRING 1962 

  • Dion Pringle

  • Nelson "Chief" Wilkinson

  • Freeman Thompson

  • St. Cross George

  • Norwood Purnell


 FALL 1962 –The Defiant Ones 

  • Warren Morgan

  • Emil Cromwell

 SPRING 1963 

  • Leon Green 

  • Sidney E. Sullivan

  • James Jones

  • Lonnie Russell


FALL 1963 

  • Frederick Moore

FALL 1964 –The Soulful-lific "Five" 

  • Ronald Howard

  • William Northam

  • Donald Sydnor

  • Jonathan  K. Hall

  • Clarence Cuffee

  • Leslie Isaiah Gaines


SPRING 1965 

  • George Sisco


 FALL 1965 

  • Clifton Gordy

  • James Johnson

  • Patrick Watkins

  • Walter Williams


 SPRING 1966 

  • Wayne T. Fisher


 FALL 1967 – The Fantastic Four 

  • Douglas Walls

  • Alonzo Price

  • William Washington

  • Herbert Cornish

 SPRING 1968 

  • Joseph Wilkinson

  • Charles Cuyjet


 FALL 1968 – The Funky Five 

  • Everett O. Woods 

  • Edward L. Swanson

  • Tyrone Stith

  • Donald Hooker

  • William Thompson


 SPRING 1969 

  • Oliver Myers

  • Mark Freeman

  • Benjamin Grimes

  • David Jenkins

*Omega Chapter

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