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Pi Epsilon Chapter During...

The 1990s

Fraternity Milestones

  • C. Tyrone Gilmore Sr. became the 34th Grand Basileus in June 1990. Under his leadership, a site for a new World Center and International Headquarters in Decatur Ga. was identified. Also, complete structure was revamped and the international chapters were transformed into the 13th District.

  • Dorsey C. Miller Jr., was chosen as the 35th Grand Basileus at the Cleveland Grand Conclave in 1994. Miller’s administration closed the sale of the property at 3951 Snapfinger Parkway, which the new international headquarters. The property at 2714 Georgia Ave. N.W. was disposed. The Georgia Avenue location had served as the Fraternity’s headquarter for 31 years.

  • Lloyd J. Jordan, Esq., who had previously served as Grand Counselor, was elected the 36th Grand Basileus at the 70th Grand Conclave in 1998 in New Orleans. 

Pi Epsilon Chapter Lines, 1990s

 SPRING 1991 – Nyofu Msafara ("Extended Journey") aka Ten Dogs Lost in Hell 

  • James Buchanan

  • Christopher Hefley

  • Damon Stewart

  • Marvin Baynes

  • Daryll "Gramps" Johnson

  • Dale Matthews

  • Derrick "Che'" Phillip

  • Trevin Green 

  • Nathaniel Singletary

  • Dwayne Johnson


 SPRING 1995 – Ufufuo ("The Resurrection') 

  • Timothy Deal

  • Roger Fidderman

  • Gregory Page 

  • Michael Lewis

  • D'Andre M. Laster

  • Maurice "Mo-Bird" Bruce

  • Nathaniel Brown

 FALL 1995 – Ufunuo ("Revelations") 

  • Gerald Jones

  • Kenneth "Black" Hunt

  • Ian Pharoah

  • Marcis Turner

  • Kevin Bates

  • Charles "Chuck"Ransom

  • Ian "Bear" Henderson

  • Bennie L. Williams, Jr. 

  • Thomas "Poodah" Jones

  • Roy Kirksey, Jr.

  • Trevard Porter


 FALL 1996 – Safari Ya Kuendelea ("Continuous Journey") 

  • Jason "Fife" Cannon

  • Wesley Henry

  • Dominique Tate

  • Terrell "Diesel" Byers

  • Trevor "Tre-Britt" Britt

  • William "Coop" Kelly

  • Levin Purnell


 FALL 1998 – Itikadi ("Perseverance") 

  • Rene' Ford

  • Aaron Walker

  • Torian Henderson

*Omega Chapter

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