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Our Mandates

Nationally Mandated Programs

Each Chapter has a list of Internationally Mandated Programs that they have to administer each year which are:

Achievement Week - This week is observed every November and seeks to recognize individuals who have made notable contributions to society. During this Achievement Week a High School Essay Contest is held and the winner usually receives a scholarship award.

Scholarship - The goal of the Scholarship Program is to encourage academic progress among the undergraduate members. A portion of the fraternity's budget is designated for the Charles R. Drew Scholarship Commission, which awards scholarships to members and non-members.

Social Action Programs - All chapters are required to participate in programs that uplift society. Many participate in activities which include voter registration, illiteracy programs, mentoring programs, fundraisers, and charitable organizations such as American Diabetes Association, United Way, and the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation.

Talent Hunt Program - Each year, each chapter is required to hold a talent contest. This program encourages young people to expose themselves to the Performing Arts. Individuals who win these talent contests receive an award, such as a scholarship.

Memorial Service - March 12 is Omega Psi Phi Memorial Day. During the month of March every chapter of the Fraternity performs a ritualistic memorial service to remember members who have died.

Reclamation and Retention - This program is an effort to encourage inactive members to become fully active and participate in the fraternity's programs.

College Endowment Funds - The fraternity donates thousands of dollars to Historically Black Colleges and Universities each year.

Health Initiatives - Chapters are required to coordinate programs that will encourage good health practices. Programs that members involve themselves in include HIV/AIDS awareness, blood drives, prostate cancer awareness, and sickle cell anemia awareness programs.

Voter Registration, Education and Motivation - Coordination activities that promote voter registration and mobilization.

NAACP - A Life Membership at Large in the NAACP is required by all chapters and districts.

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