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Pi Epsilon Chapter During...

The 2000s

Fraternity Milestones

  • S. Earl Wilson executive director in June 2000.

  • George Grace was elected Grand Basileus in 2002 at the 72nd Grand Conclave in Charlotte, N.C. Grace’s administration helped the Fraternity realize financial solvency.

  • Warren G. Lee Jr., who had once served as the Second Grand Vice Basileus, was elected Grand Basileus in during Little Rock Grand Conclave in 2008. During Lee’s tenure, Omega fortified its mission and brought aid and comfort to those in need. Omega men across the United States mentored to the youth, organized various social action programs and donated millions to worthy causes.

Pi Epsilon Chapter Lines, 2000s

 SPRING 2002 – Kiyama (The Resurgence) 

  • David Livingstone

  • Antoine Parker

  • Troy Roundtree

  • Darrell Foster 

  • Jason Meyers

  • Kennedy Taylor

  • Tunde Akinyeke


 SPRING 2004 – Prolonged Journey 

  • Thomas Thompson IV

  • Keith Wilson

  • Chadd Gulledge

 SPRING 2005 – One Man Army 

  • Kaz Beverly


 SPRING 2006 – Ten Hazardous Hounds 

  • Dayveon Groves

  • Darron Jordon

  • Jahvon Gordon

  • Edward Blamo

  • DaShaun McNeely

  • Nick Gause

  • Todd Williams

  • Roger Carey

  • Joshua Hylton

  • Jamar Taylor

 SPRING 2007 – A Series of Unfortunate Events 

  • Rashard Whitlock

  • Mykul Harris


 FALL 2008 – Eight Disciples of Perseverance 

  • Bruce Watley

  • Timothy Mack

  • Sulaiman Jollah 

  • Odie Ayewoh

  • Vernon Carter

  • Jamal Strachan

  • Lemuel West

  • Joseph Nyan

The 2000s
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