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Pi Epsilon Chapter During...

The 2010s

Fraternity Milestones

  • In 2010, Dr. Andrew A. Ray was elected the 39th Grand Basileus during the 76th Grand Conclave held in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

  • During this decade, Omega became the first black Greek organization to charter a graduate chapter in Great Britain.

  • The fraternity also joined forces with President Barack Obama to promote fatherhood and responsible parenting through the National Fatherhood Initiative.

  • Omega celebrated its 100th anniversary with a grand celebration held in July 2011, in Washington D.C. Attendance exceeded 10,000. During that gathering, Brother Kenneth Barnes was named International Executive Director.

  • ​Antonio F. Knox Sr. was elected the fraternity’s 40th Grand Basileus during the Grand Conclave in Philadelphia in 2014. 

  • The fraternity championed a number of civil rights initiatives and Omega became a strong voice against police brutality, efforts to suppress voting rights, and other social ills. The fraternity sought plausible solutions to civil unrest that erupted in urban communities following fatal police shootings of several unarmed African-Americans.

Pi Epsilon Chapter Lines, 2010s

 Spring 2012 - Six Diabolical Servants of Redemption 

  • Elijah Johnson

  • Matthew Thomas

  • Marcellus Jackson

  • Deandre Jones

  • Kwasi Bandoh

  • Michael Young 


 Fall 2016 -  Askari Wenye Nguvu (“Steadfast and Resilient Soldiers”) aka The Three Tortuous and Tenacious Dogs of the B.O.E 

  • Steffen "Shake"Wilkens

  • Justin James

  • Raphael "Meka" Mbachu


 Fall 2017 - Two Prodigal Sons of Thunder 

  • Isaiah Chambers

  • Samuel Seymore

Spring 2018 - Waasi Wa Imani ("Insurgents of Faith") 

  • Luis "Jav" Garcia, Jr. 

  • Kingsley "Billay" Asonye

  • Emmanuel "Manny" Grogan

  • Ibrahim "Ibee" Saeed

Spring 2019

  • Joshua Chambers

  • Tavon Rooks

  • Nathaniel Sheppard

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